Skyway Evolve


We are strengthening our commitment to the tourism industry with a three million dollar upgrade of the Scenic Skyway. With an additional 30% capacity, the new Skyway cabin will provide a more spacious visitor experience and improve queueing times during peak periods.

The Skyway will be closed from October 9 to November 12 for the upgrade project, re-opening on November 13, 2017.

For more information, please see the following of Frequently Asked Questions:

When will the Skyway be closed?
From Monday October 9 – Sunday November 12, 2017.

Why is the Skyway closing?
Our Skyway cabin is due for its 12 yearly major service and we are taking the opportunity during the closure period to also complete an upgrade by replacing the cabin.

Do I get a discount if I visit while the Skyway is closed?

You sure do! Discounted ticket are available online and onsite during the closure period.

What else can I do at Scenic World when the Skyway is closed?
Enjoy unlimited rides on the Scenic Railway – the world’s steepest train, and Scenic Cableway – the biggest and steepest cablecar in the Southern Hemisphere. Explore the Scenic Walkway – 2.4kms of elevated boardwalk through ancient rainforest. There are also plenty of stunning lookouts and walks to enjoy Blue Mountains Spring time.

Will the new Skyway be better?
Yes! We are excited to improve the Skyway experience for our visitors, offering a larger more spacious cabin with increased capacity and improved queuing times. The cabin will also offer free wifi, so you can share your experience whilst suspended 270 metres above the valley floor!

What about the glass floor? I love the glass floor!
We do too! All the things you love about the Skwyay cabin including the glass floor so you can gaze down at the rainforest canopy will feature in the new cabin.

Who is building the new Skyway?
Swiss company Garaventa have built our Skyway. They are a world leader in ropeway engineering and have built all of Scenic World’s rides. Along with Garaventa, Scenic World’s talented maintenance team and Grindley Construction will work together to commission the new Skyway.

How many Skyway cabins have there been?
In our 73 year history, we have had 2 Skyway cabins. Our original Skyway was built in 1958 by Scenic World founder Harry Hammon. Some of you might remember the cabin was clad in plywood and painted bright pink! The Skyway had many upgrades over the next 48 years including a change from bright pink to it’s now signature colour- yellow. The Skyway was decommissioned in 2004 and replaced with brand new cabin, ropeway, driver system and stations. Many visitors loyal to the original Skyway still enjoy visiting the old cabin which resides in Scenic World’s park today.

Wait …1958? How did they install the original Skyway in 1958?
The track was originally installed by dragging a small steel cable by hand down each side of the escarpment- they were joined in the middle of the valley and pulled up above the tree canopy. The small steel line was then used to pull the track rope across the valley and the final tensioning was done with a 4 wheel drive tractor. All it took was Harry’s incredible vision and a can-do attitude!

So when can I ride the new Skyway?
From Monday November 13, 2017!

I still have another question about the Skwyay closure?
We can help – send us a message on Facebook,  drop us a line at or call our friendly Experience Planner Team on 1300 SKYWAY.