Situated west of Sydney, the Blue Mountains is more temperate with an approximate 2°C drop in temperature for every 300 metre increase in altitude. At its highest elevation, the region is approximately 1,300 metres above sea level.

Key weather events include storm, wind and rain with the most significant being occasional Upper Mountains snowfalls during Winter months.

The Blue Mountains enjoys four pronounced seasons, and is recognised for a vibrant show of Autumnal leaves and abundant Spring blossoms and blooms.

Average temperatures during Winter range between 3°C to 12°C, with ice and frost often covering the ground in the upper villages. Summer temperatures average 15°C to 25°C.

Phantom Falls

The mysterious weather phenomenon colloquially known as Phantom Falls occurs predominantly in Autumn and Spring. For the Falls to appear, the weather conditions must be exact with high humidity.

This natural event is caused by air in the Jamison Valley being warmed by the sun’s rays and rising to meet the colder air in the Megalong Valley. The resulting mist creates a ‘waterfall’ effect which falls slowly and dramatically over the cliff into the Jamison Valley.

The curtain of moving mist can be as much as 800 metres wide and 50 metres deep, moving at around 10 – 20 metres per second. The Phantom Falls can run for a few minutes or hours depending on the supply of moist air. Occasionally, the Falls run backward during the evening, flowing into the Megalong Valley and providing a spectacular sight under a full moon.

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Scenic World in the Wet

Experiencing Scenic World in the rain is magical; colours change, mist shrouds the towering cliffs, hidden waterfalls murmur, raindrops c­ling to leaves and native birds become more vocal. All Scenic World rides operate in all weather conditions and are sheltered from the elements as much as possible without compromising the experience.

Protected by the temperate rainforest canopy, the Scenic Walkway has its own microclimate which can be quite distinct from the weather at the top of the escarpment. We recommend the rainforest in the rain – don’t let a little weather stop you!

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Rainbow over Jamison Valley

Rainbow over Jamison Valley

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