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24 Jul 2019

Better in the Wet

If the rainforest is on your bucket list, don’t let a little weather stop you.

There is a reason for the word ‘rain’ in rainforest. Scenic World's temperate rainforest is brilliant in sunshine, but magical in the rain when mist shrouds the towering cliffs above. As it moves, the mist adds an air of mystery and confounds your sense of distance. The rainforest comes alive: native birds become more active, more vocal and colours change.

  • Purchase a rain poncho in our retail shop on L1 of the Main Building.
  • Skyway to East Station.
  • Put on your poncho and take the Prince Henry Cliff Walk to Katoomba Falls.
  • Return to Skyway East Station.
  • Skyway return trip to Main Building.
  • Railway down to Walkway.
  • 10, 30 or 50 mins walk through temperate rainforest to Cableway Base Station.
  • Cableway up to Main Building.
  • Hot chocolate and bakery treats at Terrace Café.


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