Woodford Academy 08

Beautiful Photos Bring History to Life

  A photographic exhibition at the Woodford Academy lays bare the soul of the oldest collection of buildings in the Blue Mountains, revealing the colourful history which played out on the property. The collection of black and white images by Blue Mountains photojournalist David Hill is a revealing interpretation of the collection of buildings which make […]

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What Father’s Day means to us at Scenic World!

  Did you know that Scenic World has been an Australian owned and operated family business since 1945?! With Fathers Day is just around the corner we spoke to father & son Philip Hammon and David Hammon, the second and third generation of the family business, about life as fathers and what it was like growing up […]

My Mountains Legend of the 3 Sisters

The Legend of the Three Sisters

ACCORDING TO GUNDUNGURRA DREAMING, three beautiful sisters named Meehni, Wimlah and Gunnedoo once lived with the Gundungurra people in the Jamison Valley. The maidens were in love with three brothers from the neighbouring nation of the Dharruk people, but marriage was forbidden by tribal law.

Blue Mountains

Why are the Blue Mountains…..blue?

It’s true, they look blue. When looking at the mountains from a distance they take on an intense blue haze that has baffled many visitors to the Blue Mountains.

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