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The Blue Mountains: Top 5 burgers to try this Autumn

As the Autumn temperatures drop we can’t help but crave satisfying comfort food. Whether you’re fuelling up for an epic bushwalk or just a connoisseur of the genre, the Blue Mountains are packed with premium burgers bound to delight the tastebuds.

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The best of the Blue Mountains: Brunch

Brunch is the best of both worlds. You can happily sleep in past breakfast time but still sneak in some bacon before lunch. The Blue Mountains is buzzing with a unique foodie culture that continues to change and grow to satisfy the taste buds of locals and visitors alike. Whether you’re en route to your […]

My Mountains Coffee

Blue Mountains Top 5 – Best Coffee

We know coffee is an important part of your day, so let the Scenic World team source it for you! Relax, we’re locals, we know where the best Blue Mountains coffee is at.

My Mountains pizza

Blue Mountains Top 5 – Best Pizza

Served up with a chilled beer at the local pub, matched to a local wine in a restaurant, or delivered to your Guest House door, there are plenty of mouth-watering pizza options in the Blue Mountains. The Scenic World team, have done the hard yards for you, collectively tasting more local pizzas than you will care […]

Solitary Cafe

Blue Mountains Top 4 – Best Fine Dining

We’re all locals, and the Scenic World team want to share with you the best of the Blue Mountains. Where would a local go for a fine dining experience? Views? Local Produce? Delectable delights?  We reckon we have it all in the Blue Mountains.

Sculpture at Scenic World, 2012