Rides Team - Julien

So, where is the Mountains’ music scene?

Hosting you on the Scenic Railway by day, and entertaining you by night with his four piece gypsy/pop/rock band, Julien from our Rides team shares his tips on the local music scene.

Tell us a bit of about your musical life?

My band Belle Jar includes me on vocals and guitar along with piano accordionist Anne Edwards, bassist Lino Romeo and multi-instrumentalist Trevor Brown. Our style has strong groundings in gypsy music, however pop, punk and rock’n’roll are never far away. We play very energetic sets, dotted here and there with quieter ballads and waltzes.

Our first album Belle Jar was released this year and we are currently working on a follow-up and planning to take Australia’s festival circuit by storm!

How would you describe the music scene in the Blue Mountains?

Like an individual artist, music in the Blue Mountains has periods of intense creation, and quieter periods of reflection and reinvention. However the diversity never lacks, with probably every popular style of music represented (from folk to punk to gypsy to Afro funk to dub to hip hop).

Where are the best places to go to see live music?

International and local acts of all styles are well represented in the Blue Mountains, at venues like The Clarendon Guesthouse (Katoomba) or Live at the Village (Springwood). Local bands have a great opportunity to create strong fan-bases at pubs like The Old City Bank Brasserie (Katoomba) where backpackers can purchase the music or be left with a memorable enough experience to disseminate it around the world.

You also work as a Staff Trainer here at Scenic World, how do are these skills complementary?

The skills, knowledge and experience of working at Scenic World have provided me with great insights into the workings of effective communication and what makes a team work. My passion for performing and presenting combine as a trainer.

The years I have worked at Scenic World have been life-changing to me. It has given me countless opportunities to grow and to share my new knowledge. I’m very grateful to have been encouraged to keep learning.

Belle Jar (image courtesy camille walsh photography)

Belle Jar (image courtesy Camille Walsh Photography)

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