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Seven Stunning Lookouts in the Blue Mountains

With over a million hectares of sandstone plateaus, escarpments and gorges to choose from, it was difficult to select just 7 lookouts in the Blue Mountains – but here they are. We are sure there are plenty of others out there just waiting to be discovered.

1. Lincoln’s Rock – Popular amongst wedding photographers and Instagrammers alike, the big attraction of Lincoln’s Rock is its impressive ledge, which makes it appear as though you’re sitting on the edge of a cliff.

2. Olympian Rock – Tricky to find but worth the effort, Olympian Rock is a magical place. As you walk down the steps, the clifftop drops away, leaving you with a panoramic view of majestic Mount Solitary.

3. Echo Point – When it comes Blue Mountains lookouts, Echo Point is by far and away the most popular and with views like these it’s easy to see why. There’s also a tourist information centre onsite and public toilets.

4. Cliff View Lookout – This large, fenced wheelchair accessible lookout (pictured above) provides great views of Mt Solitary, Kedumba Valley, Narrow Neck and across to Scenic World. This is also a great spot to watch the famous Phantom Falls.

5. Juliet’s Balcony – This lookout may require you to don some active wear but it’s worth the effort, the view is epic.

6. Mary’s Lookout –  Named after Mary Hammon, the wife of Scenic World founder Harry Hammon, this is one of the best vantage points to take in the Three Sisters, Mt Solitary and the Jamison Valley. There is also a licensed restaurant and cafe onsite which make the most of the views.

7. Anvil Rock – Located near the upper Blue Mountains town of Blackheath, Anvil Rock is a beautiful, weathered sandstone rock formation which offers magnificent views over the Grose Valley to Mount Banks and Mount Hay. Access is via a dirt road which is well maintained and easily accessible in a two or four wheel drive.

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