As a condition of booking, educators are required to:

  • Read the Teacher Preparation and Risk Assessment information.
  • Download the 2019 Education Booking Form.
  • Fax the completed and signed Booking Form to Scenic World to receive a booking confirmation.


1. Plans for the Day

To ensure adequate safety and discipline, both guided and unguided tours must have the correct teacher to student ratio. Every attempt is made to keep the ratio of Scenic World guided groups at 30:1, which is the recommended ratio for an outdoor learning experience. Guide numbers are often limited by the number of supervising teachers – Scenic World guides will not take student groups without a supervising teacher present.

A 30:1 ratio should be maintained with unguided groups also. Unguided groups must move through the Scenic Walkway in small groups – not as a single, large group. Large groups experience concerns with discipline, safety and learning; and interfere with the experience of other Scenic World visitors.
One teacher for every 12 students may participate free. This generous provision allows for additional support staff and parents to participate in the group.

We recommend schools bring no more than 120 students at any one time. If your group exceeds 120 students, we recommend staggering two arrival times, and combining the excursion with an alternative activity nearby such as the Waradah Aboriginal Centre.

Guided tours depart at scheduled session times – the appropriate session must be selected on the Education Booking Form.

We recommend allocating two (2) hours for the optimum school visit to Scenic World.

Most school groups elect to take the Scenic Walkway through the Jamison Valley’s temperate rainforest, which is accessed either by Scenic Railway or Cableway.

The Scenic Skyway is a separate ride; travelling between cliff tops, it does not provide access to the Walkway. The Skyway is not included in a Valley Return Pass and incurs an additional cost. Please take care when making your ride selection on the Education Booking Form.

Teachers in guided groups should be actively involved in the learning process at all times, working with Scenic World staff. Scenic World staff will outline safety and courtesy expectations of the group and it is expected that teaching staff will enforce these with students. Discipline matters are the responsibility of teachers at all times and effective discipline results in a good learning experience for all students.

2. Preparation of Students

Students must come prepared – teaching staff should discuss the following recommendations with students prior to the excursion day.
Students must come dressed appropriately for an outdoor activity. Please remember, Blue Mountains weather conditions can be very different to your local area and change dramatically. Students should be prepared for all scenarios. Daily weather details are available on the Scenic World website

  • Wear closed, comfortable walking shoes;
  • Bring clothing for all seasons: raingear (hooded coat is preferable, umbrellas are difficult to accommodate in a group), warm clothing layers, sunhat and sunscreen.
  • Bring a light backpack to carry belongings including clipboard, worksheets, pens and pencils.
  • Bring a camera (optional).

3. Student Anxiety

Teachers should be aware that some students may be anxious about riding on the Scenic Railway or Scenic Cableway. This should be discussed with students prior to arrival, with any concerns dealt with appropriately.

Scenic World staff are unable to provide supervision for students decide they cannot travel on the rides and adequate staffing arrangements must occur to supervise all students. This is particularly important for ‘Ride Only’ bookings. If this situation does eventuate, please see Scenic World staff to discuss alternative arrangements to keep the student group together.

4. Preparation of Teachers

It is recommended that all supervising teachers carry a first aid kit with them, in the unlikely event of an accident occurring within their group whilst in the valley.

5. Arrival at Scenic World

If your group is delayed, please contact Scenic World on 02 4780 0250 to allow us to prepare for your late arrival or reschedule.

On arrival the teacher-in-charge or coach driver must present relevant paperwork at the Ticket Counter to let Scenic World staff you have arrived. Other teaching staff can assemble students off the buses near the bronze statues at the entrance to Scenic World. Teachers of guided groups will need to confirm schedules with Scenic World staff on arrival.

Depending on schedules and booking time, it may be best to arrive in time to give the students a morning tea and comfort stop before commencing the activity. There are no toilets in the valley. There are food outlets and places for the students to have lunch at Scenic World if required.

To reduce litter, students are discouraged from consuming food or drinks along the Scenic Walkway. Should school groups want to take a lunch break in the valley, the Rainforest Room is available by prior arrangement with Scenic World staff. Please allocate additional time for this option.


Download our Geography Teacher’s Kits for PRIMARY and SECONDARY students.

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