Scenic Railway Redevelopment FAQs

Steel components assembled on the Top Platform

The Scenic Railway is currently closed for redevelopment. Click through to read a personal message from Scenic World’s Joint Managing Directors, David & Anthea Hammon regarding the upgrade and stay tuned for the arrival of the new Scenic Railway experience in Autumn 2013!


Q. Is the Scenic Railway closing?

No, this is not a permanent closure! We are upgrading the train tracks and replacing the train carriages, installing a new winch and control systems and rebuilding both the top and bottom platforms.  We have replaced the train carriages and winch system five times during the history of the Scenic Railway.


Q. When will it open again?

The new train carriages will be running on the Scenic Railway in Autumn 2013. Check back here for updates.


Q. The Railway is an icon and should remain. Why change it?

We agree – the Scenic Railway will remain – it has been in our family for three generations and we love it! The current train carriages were installed as recently as 1994 and have made over 400,000 journeys so they are getting a little tired. We have replaced the train carriages five times over the history of the Railway. Rest assured that this is a sensitive redevelopment that honours our rich history – your memories are in safe hands!


Q. Are you upgrading it because it is unsafe?

No – safety is and always will be absolutely paramount for us. We are fastidious and pro-active about our safety record. In fact, as part of keeping everything at Scenic World safe, we understand that all machinery has a finite life, and therefore can plan and install the new train well before we have any safety concerns for the existing one.


Q. Why change – we wanted to ride the train with our children and grandchildren.

You still can! Nothing makes us happier than hearing from visitors that rode the Railway as kids and are now here with their grandkids. From Autumn 2013 you can visit Scenic World and take the same journey down into the Valley.


Q. I love the old train, why introduce a new one.

After making over 400,000 journeys, the carriages are due for an upgrade & we’ve made some design improvements that will make the experience even better! The Scenic Railway is a big part of who we are and design of the new train pays considerable homage to the previous Mountain Devils.


Q. If the Railway is staying, what are you changing?

The train carriages will be new, along with new train tracks for it to travel on, a new winch and all new control systems. We are also telling the history of the Scenic Railway like never before – including the memories of our visitors over the decades.  We don’t want to give too much away, but we are sure you will love the new Scenic Railway.


Q. Is this a cost-saving exercise?

No! We’re investing $30 million to ensure future generations of visitors get to create their own precious family memories of the Scenic Railway.


Q. Why is the new train designed overseas? Why isn’t is designed and manufactured locally?

We have made our track and train in Switzerland as it is specialist equipment – being the steepest funicular railway in the world. The Swiss have extensive experience in this specialist field. We did discuss getting some parts manufactured in Australia and this was our preference, but the engineering and accuracy required meant that it was necessary to have it all manufactured in one place together, being Switzerland by Garaventa. We are using Australian companies and materials for construction of the platforms, project management and architecture making up more than 50% of the project.


Q. Will the new train be less fun… or frightening!

No – the thrill of the Scenic Railway is the best thing about it! We have put a lot of thought into making sure we still capture the thrill of the old Scenic Railway while complying with all the latest requirements. There is no doubt it will be a bit different now, but without giving too much away, we are sure you will love the new Scenic Railway.


Sculpture at Scenic World, 2012